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Posted by idmartin on March 16, 2014


The aim here is to put together a novel length (75,000 words approx.) anthology of short stories. Some will be previously published as singles and others new. The running list currently looks like this;


DÁGON’S WHISPER (The Cruel God 01)

UMBRACOS (Vulpan Conspiracy 01)











The stories from The Tempest down are all new. Everything from the top to Thin Skinned is written. Thylacine is underway (outlined and 2000 words done) and the rest are outlined to varying degrees.


DÁGON’S WHISPER (The Cruel God 01)


Very much in the Lovecraft vein this story tracks the misadventures of a disgraced archaeologist and his pursuit of tainted treasures below Baghdad during the first Iraqi war.


Two sequels are outlined.


UMBRACOS (Vulpan Conspiracy 01)

(Science Fiction)

Secrets are dangerous. Conner Brevington is a Druid. Not that the British Diplomatic Corp or NATO know that yet. Amicus is a vampire; or so it seems. And that’s the way he likes it, for the moment. When the very competent policewoman Gillian Benson gets between these two unusual men, the fur will literally fly.


One sequel is roughly outlined.




The infamous captain breaks a solemn vow to save a dying child. Heaven help anyone who gets in his way. San Francisco will never be the same.



(Science Fiction)

A serial killer has been caught in the new world of Greater Jersey, megatropolis of the new world order. The detective who profiled the criminal is a hero and in great demand. But the scrutiny is not welcome to a man who has spent a year or more tracking and executing his city’s enemies.


He just wants to chill.


Politics, as always is getting in the way. And as the killer’s mind is being unpicked by drug cocktails and neuro-scalpels deep and unpleasant secrets are leaking out making downtime into deadtime, literally.




The world cracked and everything changed. North and south hemispheres are separated by the Tempest; vast, permanent, angry storms of continent stripping ferocity.


Crossing the equatorial zone is a life and death lottery.


Yet Kiri Pham does exactly that in order to see her old home one last time. She is dying and has chosen her resting place. But there’s a journey needed to reach that sacred place and old memories are part of the process even if it means wading through a small army of post-apocalyptic survivors to do it.




Elves and dragons and magic … say no more (for 8-10 year old boys, mostly).



(Science Fiction)

Set in The Travel Agency (novel) universe we find former detective Teegan McNamara, Mac, undertaking her first in-disguise tour on another planet. Cuvalla is a volcanic, steampunk world of medieval city states and all that’s required of Mac is patience. A tall order in her case but there’s quite a lot more brewing here than either she or her tutors bargained for.




The Black Line was a genocidal war fought in the early 19th Century on the island of Tasmania south of the Australian mainland. It was vicious, deliberate and totally inexplicable. The indigenous population was blamed for horrific atrocities and the new settlers set about exterminating them.


Unfortunately, the atrocities didn’t stop after the massacres were done.


So, in secret the British rulers of the penal colony buried the problem; deep.


Not deep enough.



(Science Fiction/Fantasy/YA)

The ninja of old could pass through a crowded market without been seen.

Withdraw the self and the eye cannot follow.

A rare skill and all but lost in the modern world.

But not if you are the son of the man who saved the life of one of the last ninja masters and you have that particular talent which allows you to learn those skills.


Especially useful if that same boy bumps into an alien scouting party looking for their next conquest.




“In my early forties, in post WWII Japan, I first walked the Silver Path but was cast off the astral plane by the Golden Bell. No one can explain why.

And then I stopped aging.

At ninety four I was murdered having only recently found the love of my very long life.

Now I’m sixteen years new in a body that died at birth and I have over a century of experience to draw on.

Handy really, because I have serious anger issues and a thirst for revenge that will not die.”




The street kids of London are getting organised.

And disappearing.

Malcolm is a waste of space; or so his stepdad says quite often.

Drugs and fights and a juvenile record have led predictably to a squat in Hammersmith.

All Mal wants is somewhere to belong and it looks like he’s found it.

Somewhere his talents and ferocity are appreciated.

Somewhere he can do great things.

Somewhere his soul can find fulfilment.


Or a place on the menu …




THE SHEHKRii (novel series)


(Contemporary Fantasy)

This project started out and was initially published as a novel; The Flame. It was my learn-how-to-write project and while it received some praise it was also filled with backstory and character development pieces which made it a mangled epic. It was 127,000 words long and had close to forty main characters. It has been withdrawn from publication.


I’ve managed to split it into two novels and focus on less than a dozen characters. Work is ongoing and I’m quietly excited about resurrecting this, my first ever writing project.


The short story The Tempest is part of a (started but not finished) sequel to The Flame which also will end up as two novels. The whole sequence may stretch out to eight or nine books.


The original blurb runs like this:

Are you afraid of the future?

Be very afraid, because it’s already here!!!

Journalist, Mark Todd, has pursued the gunrunner, Paul Gareth for nearly a decade … now, Todd is about to get his man.

Or is he?

What Todd has stumbled over is something far more sinister.  Unfortunately, he’s not alone.  Gareth is the target of the C.I.A. and a secret Australian government department.

In their quest to capture an international criminal and eco-terrorist they will uncover the Shehkrii … inheritors of a hidden human heritage that is the last hope for the survival of the species … the spark of humanity in us all that should have been a raging flame, but has instead become a dying flicker!

And they will know Terra.


So, is that enough to keep me going for a while? Certainly seems that way. Just need a thirty-six hour day!!





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