I.D. (Ian) Martin

I grew up in Sydney, Australia in a leafy fringe suburb called Gray’s Point and now live with my family on an acre of rainforest in the Glasshouse Mountains of Queensland, commuting to Brisbane for work.

A longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy I’m fascinated by history and anthropology and how they collide with technology.

I wrote plays and short stories in lower high school. Despite little encouragement I still managed to become a significant essayist by graduation.  Mr Wilson (Level 1 English teacher) gave me 9/10 for one effort, a mark he had only handed out once before in a very long career. I learnt more from that crotchety old bugger than I realized at the time and am in his debt.

But I didn't return to fiction until my late thirties when having devoured Raymond E. Feist's Magician, I was devastated to be unable to find any sequels.  They were there but I was looking in the wrong places.  So I set out to write something for myself and quickly found that I wasn't comfortable with the sword and sorcery environment for some unknown reason perhaps it seemed like it had all been done. In looking for an alternative I remembered my notes from a decade before for a comic book series that I had imagined as an exercise to drive away the boredom of train travel.  I had been an avid collector of all things Marvel and wondered if there was a hero/heroes who didn't owe their powers to mutation, radiation or alien science. I put two things together to create this alternative;

  • the Nietzschean concept of superman as someone who uses 100% of their brain and
  • the tripartite nature of man body, mind and spirit.

Thus were born the Shehkrii humanitys ultimate and optimal form.

That novel is till being written & re-written. Hopefully, sometime in 2014, it will see the light of day.

In the meantime I've dabbled in short stories and Nathan Yokum of SPECLIT Masters Ezine has generously put a couple of mine into the first two volumes (#3 due soon).

Somewhere in this process I discovered the passion of storytelling through the written word and found that I had more than one book in me. 

In 2009 I submitted to the Aeon Award and was fortunate to have PIRATE COPIES short listed for that prestigious award. In 2012 Pirate copies began to grow in a series of sequels and THE TRAVEL AGENCY resulted. Along the way I acquired the services of the lovely editor extraordinaire, Miss Jessica Guzman ( http://guzmanedits.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/freelance-book-editor.html?spref=tw ) who I cannot recommend enough.

And, as they say, the story continues. I've found a wealth of material lurking in the corners of my imagination. The Silver Path & The Golden Bell, Thylacine and the Invisible Boy are all hiding away in madly scribbled notes ...  waiting. Just have to find a time machine!